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Guitar Chord Guide

22 chordThe Guitar Chord Guide not only has hundreds of chords, It explains how chords get their names. You can also learn how to construct chords.

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Guitar Scale Guide


The Guitar Scale Guide will teach you the basic scale theory knowledge you need to create great guitar solos. There are practice songs and backing tracks that will allow you to hear what these scales sound like over a composition. A little scale theory is also covered. This is a great reference to learn scales like Major, Melodic Minor, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Pentatonic Major, Pentatonic Minor, and more.

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Advance Guitar Lessons is a video lesson series that will show you tips and secrets that will enhance your guitar skills. Harmonics are a great asset to your guitar playing skills and they add incredible sounds to your playing. This video series covers 7 ways to get a Harmonic out of a guitar. Natural, False and Pinched harmonics are just a few ways you can add harmonics to your playing.

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Two Hand Tapping

Advance Guitar Lessons is a video lesson series that will show you tips and secrets that will enhance your guitar skills. Level 2 covers two hand tapping secrets. There are 12 different types of 2 hand tap out tips with exercises. These tips will add a lot to your arsenal.

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Changes In The Music Industry

 Read about the many ways the music industry has change over the last few years. See how these changes have made an impact to signed artist, independent musicians, and fans everywhere.

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Market Yourself

It is great to be able to make money in music. If for nothing else to pay for all the cool gear you want to get. Explore ways to make money doing what you love to do best! Learn how to Market Yourself

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Building A Home Recording Studio On A Budget 

You can put together a home recording studio even on a tight budget. There are a lot of free resources out there and in most cases you can take advantage of things you may already have. Check out this series and piece together your own home recording studio.

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The Science Behind Recording Music

By learning  about how sound works and the terminology involved with its measurements, we can better understand how things work inside a recording studio. Learn the science behind recording music and understand the meaning to the terminology.

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Free VST Plugins

We all love free VST Plug-ins. Some plugs are not as good as others. So here is a list of my all time Favorite free VST plugs.

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The Basic Process of Recording Music

Learn the basic process of recording a song. See some inside tips that will help you with your recordings. From recording drums to mixing to mastering. It is all in this new series.

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Acoustic Guitar

Helpful tips and tricks that show you some of the best ways to changing the strings on your guitar

Watch the construction of an acoustic guitar from the Taylor factory. This video will show the body being constructed.

Here is short video of the neck being constructed

Here is a short video that shows you how the finish is put on the guitar.

Now this video shows how they put the guitar together

The Future of ebony

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